Instructions for Authors for Preparing Abstracts for the Booklet

This page gives instructions for authors for preparing an abstract that will be published in a booklet accompanying a CD-ROM. Templates in the format .pdf, .ps and .dot can be downloaded at the end of this page. The Word template (.dot file) provides a simple way of writing the paper . The final form of the abstract will look alike this .dot file and writers can use the "lazy" way of just typing over the document. The different extra styles (e.g. Authors, Title of Paper etc.) can be used to define the appearance of your text according to the instructions for authors.

The abstract should be saved in Microsoft Word for PC or ASCII-format and it shall not contain any illustrations, figures, or graphics nor any special characters!. Don't forget this abstract should not be more than 1 DIN A4 page!.

Size: in maximum 1 DIN A4 page

Paper-Format: DIN A4 (21 cm x 29,7 cm)

Basics: Use a laser printer for the hard-copy printout

Margins: 20 mm top, left, and right; 35 mm margin bottom

Main Text: Type size 10 pt Times Roman (except for title, address, and headings), single spaced, single column

The complete paper title should be centred at the top of the first page in capital letters on line one in 16pt Times Roman single spaced with 6pt before and 32pt after.

In 12 pt Times Roman center the author name(s) with title, the complete company address in the line below, the telephone-, fax-number and Email address one further line below. Leave 32 pt free, type the word ABSTRACT: and begin typing the abstract.

with up to 10 keywords you should describe your paper


Download template files: (24.863 Bytes)